"Z11" Nissan Cube

The "Z11" Nissan Cube was produced only for the Japanese market between 2002 to 2008. We have imported the "Z11" Cube since 2003 - its proved to be the most popular model we have imported by volume. The "Z11" shape and model we believe is the car most associate with being a "Cube" and was a huge sales success in Japan.

There are 3 generations of the Nissan Cube – (Z10) 1998 -2002 (Z11) 2002 – 2008 and the (Z12) 2008. The (Z12) was officially released in global markets including the UK and Europe. It has now been discontinued in the UK although is still produced new for sale in Japan.

Hirotada Kuwahara designer of the "Z11" Cube wanted to create a design that would not fade over time. We believe he succeeded with popularity continuing to grow with new UK owners appreciating how this unique, clever, functional, reliable and special Japan only Nissan offers.  

The "Z11" received three major revisions during its 6 year production run. The original car was launched with only 1386cc CR14DE engine (1.4) but a choice of two automatic transmission options. One of these transmissions was CVT with manual gear selection which was sold as a cost option. In 2005 the first revision was launched - "Rev 2" identifiable by different headlights and front grill. There were also technical changes - a new 1498cc (1.5) HR15DE engine was introduced and only available with CVT - the 1386cc CR14DE remained available but no CVT option. The "Rev 3" model introduced another change to front grill and headlights although engine and transmission options were carried over from the "Rev 2" facelift.

We hope this section of our website will give an informative overview of the "Z11" Cube answering many FAQ's - but please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any specific questions our website has failed to answer.


Although the Cube is insurable via many mainstream companies - we have found that specialist brokers are able to give better customers service and have the product knowledge to make sure you are insured correctly. Usually, their premiums are also amongst the most competitive with a specific Cube policy being available with some brokers.

There are several brokers who operate specialist schemes and who have based the cars on their own grouping system. As a guide, Mark Richard Insurance has advised that they base the “Z11” Cube on a comparison to an ABI insurance group 6.

To obtain a quotation for insurance, we can recommend the following specialist brokers:-

Mark Richard Insurance Brokers – 01275 792270
Adrian Flux – 0800 369 8950



- All cars suppllied UK registered with V5 and MOT. 
- Our prices include Import Duty and VAT - All UK Duty and VAT Paid. 
- English Owners Manual. A translated owners manual of the Japanese original.
- UK Service book with pre-sales service information recorded and space to record future service infomration.
- Full conversion to UK specification.
- BIMTA / AA Mileage Guarantee. 
- Comprehensive parts and labour warranty.
- Free AA roadside assistance for 12 months.


The "Z11" Cube was marketed in the "compact" car category - also referred to as the "super mini" sector.


We can offer finance on the Nissan Cube via various lenders.

Usually, a minimum deposit of 20% is required and the maximum term for finance is 48 months.

Contact us anytime by telephone or email regarding finance options or visit our Winterstoke Motor Company website to apply for finance online.

Finance is available subject to status and to permanent UK residents only.

 Economy & Performance

When introduced in 2002, the Cube was offered with one engine option - a 1386cc petrol engine known as the "CR14DE". There were options of either automatic or CVT gearboxes - the CVT sold as a cost option and featured a stearing wheel paddle shift manual mode.

When the first facelift appeared in 2005, a new enine was introduced - a 1498cc petrol engine known as the "HR15DE" and only available with a new CVT transmission. The "CR14DE" engine continued to be sold but the CVT option was dropped. 

HR15DE Engine Key Facts

- Top Speed 112 MPH Electronically Limited
- Engine Power: 109ps @ 6000 RPM
- £160 Road Tax Based on PLG Class
- Fuel Consumption of 41.7 MPG on Combined Cycle**

CR14DE Engine Key Facts

- Top Speed 112 MPH Electronically Limited
- Engine Power: 97ps @ 5400 RPM
- £160 Road Tax Based on PLG Class
- Fuel Consumption of 41.0 MPG on Combined Cycle**

** The fuel consumption figure has been obtained from NEDC testing at VOSA approved laboratory as part of the ESVA scheme when in force.  These figures should be used as a comparative guide and may not be achievable in real life driving.

 Key Facts

- Available only officially in Japan between September 2002 to November 2008.

- The Japan only "Z11" model was the car the made the Cube a huge success. Over 500,000 were sold on the Japanese Domestic market.

- Lead Designer, Hirotada Kuwahara wanted to create a car with a design that wouldn’t fade, even over 20 years. We believe he succeeded!

- The "Z11" is often referred to as the "2nd" generation Cube. Each generation is referred to as being full model change and uses a different VIN prefix. "Z10" is Gen1, "Z11" is Gen2 and "Z12" Gen3. There were 3 revisions - or facelifts to the "Z11" - minor model changes. The main changes cosmetically were to the front grill and lights, rear lights and exterior colour choices.

- The "Z11" had a class leading turning circle of only 4.4 meters - in original sales literature it compared to how much better this was to a London Taxi!

 Service and Parts

The issue with the Cube and Cubic never officially being sold in the UK has always voiced concerns with current and potential owners regarding spare parts availability.

Almost all the parts you do not physically see are shared with other Nissan models built on a global platform to save cost. The majority of Cube mechanical / electrical parts are shared with the Micra and Note. Therefore, these parts are usually available from suppliers on a same day basis.

If a unique part is required and only available in Japan, it can be supplied in around 5 days if in stock at the factory.

There are also companies specialising in the supply of used parts in the UK that has proved popular to save cost - typically body parts like wing mirrors which can be even supplied in body colour subject to availability with next day delivery.

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